You’ve put down your deposit and now you’re eagerly waiting for your new baby to come home. This is what’s going on behind the scenes. Of course sometimes things get a little off but we like to try and keep a steady schedule. - Babies are born - 2 weeks: first nail trim and ear cleaning (if needed, repeats every week) - 4 weeks: check-up/dewormer (as long as there are no complications), register litter TICA/CFA, kittens are available for adoption - 7 weeks: first set of kitten vaccinations - 6-10 weeks: weaning and potty training - 11 weeks: second set of kitten vaccinations - 14 weeks: rabies vaccination, microchip, spay/neuter (as long as kitten is big enough) - 15 weeks: third set of kitten vaccinations - 16 weeks: babies can go to their forever homes *Disclaimer: timelines sometimes shift if babies need more time with momma or to make weight for spay/neuter. Please be patient they’ll be home before you know it. ❤️
Nursery Timeline
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