Adonis was our first Sphynx that made us fall head over heels for this breed. He is sweet, loves to snuggle, and is hilarious with how he investigates new obstacles. He is gorgeous from head to toe and we are so excited to get to pass on his genes to other Sphynx loving families. Adonis comes from champion bloodlines and will hopefully snag a title or two when we start showing.
Adonis God of Love D.O.B: February 2020
Poseidon God of the Sea D.O.B: November 2019
Meet Our Kings
Poseidon is our second Canadian Sphynx to join our family, he came from a cattery in Russia and has many Champions in his bloodline to include his Father. He is a gorgeous black boy with stunning yellow-green eyes. Poseidon loves to cuddle, his favorite place to sleep is my face though that doesn’t work for me so we compromised with him sleeping on my chest or in the crook of my arm with his head on my shoulder.