About Us
Meet the Breeder... Hi! I’m Carra Murdock and am so excited you’ve decided to check out our cattery. I fell in love with the Sphynx breed many years ago but could never afford the cost with having three kiddos that needed spoiling, until recently. In attempting to adopt two kittens (from different people) I was scammed out of $1300. What are the odds that both people I was talking to would turn out to be scammers?! After doing more research into the breed, I now understand why I should’ve been more skeptical of such low prices. So much goes into breeding and raising these beautiful felines that anything under $1800 (give or take) will be losing the breeder a lot of money. But who wants to or can spend that much just on a kitten? Our cattery is registered with both TICA and CFA and will be officially starting after our Kings and Queens are old enough to test and results come back negative, tentative for Spring 2021. At that time we will be dedicated to raising beautiful, healthy, affectionate, well socialized kittens that will come with everything you’d need to get started spoiling them. We relieve the burden of obtaining all the essentials you’d need for a new Sphynx kitten for the first week you have them home. We’ve found these items at an incredible discount and are able to pass the savings onto you without having to jack up our prices OR losing money in the process. Check out our Adoption Application and Adoption Contract for more details. We are currently making connections and networking to find cost effective, safe pet couriers that we can build a helping relationship with to ensure people out of state can receive our babies safely by a trustworthy means. In the meantime, we will be updating our pages as our Kings and Queens grow and mature. Use the links below to read more. Subscribe to stay in the loop, follow us on IG and FB, or complete a kitten application to get on our waiting list and get updates when we start our breeding program.
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